The 2020 Olympics and Autonomous driving?

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Besides the self driving taxi’s, Toyota will provide 3700 mobility products during the Olympics of which 90% will be electrified.

At the 2020 Olympics in Japan, Toyota will be set to conduct a big ride-hailing pilot in downtown Tokyo to drive around all the athletes. Besides the pilot being a big logistic project, Toyota will also enter the autopilot scene with the e-Palette that was revealed in 2018. People visiting the Olympics in 2020 that want to get a ride downtown Tokyo might be picked up by Toyota’s fleet of “SAE Level-4” automated vehicles. This type of autonomous vehicles can perform all of the driving tasks under a specific set of conditions. This means the cars will be geofenced and thus can only operate within a specific busy district of Tokyo.  The Odaiba district is known to be a complex environment of pedestrians, vehicle traffic, diverse road infrastructure and tall, glass buildings which pose a tremendous challenge for the Toyota automated driving technology. A big step towards fully autonomous vehicles!

The Silicon Valley-based division of Toyota has been conducting tests in the US at its Ottawa Lake, Michigan, closed-course facility for several years now. There, the institute replicated Odaiba’s most challenging infrastructure characteristics and driving scenarios for its vehicles to navigate.