24-04-18: Shell Leadership Training

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Learn from the experts about leadership in your career and why great leaders mentor each other.

During three hangout sessions from the TU Delft Career Centre, former Shell manager Lou van Anholt will talk about leadership. Are you curious about obtaining a management position in the future? Or asking which kind of leader you would be? This is the opportunity to ask about leadership and how leaders mentor each other.

About the trainer: Lou van Anholt is a former Shell Manager with 40 years of experience in the company. Currently, he is Adviser Operational Excellence to start-up companies.

Date: 20 March 2018
Time: 16:00
Location: Aula, Senaatszaal
Language: English
Costs: Free of charge, €7,50 no-show fee
Organisation: TU Delft Career Centre

Shell & TU Delft Hangout programme 2018
Hangout 1: 20 March – Good leader, good mentor
Hangout 2: 24 April  – 3 Classmates, 3 Careers
Hangout 3: 29 May – Confidence & Self esteem

Enrollment and more information can be found on the following Brightspace page: https://brightspace.tudelft.nl/d2l/le/content/47279/viewContent/763568/View

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