SAVE 3 welcomes you all!

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We want to tell you that the Student Association for Vehicle Engineering has a new board, and that we have planned lots of great stuff for the coming months. Including company visits, lunch lectures and … Read More

SAVE in Germany

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In the first week of this academic year, SAVE had left Delft for its enlightening business tour. Together with 18 students, we have visited the country of beer, Merkel and vehicles! In four days, we … Read More

Toyota invests in Uber

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Toyota has announced that the company will invest 500 million dollar in Uber. Both companies agreed to implement Uber’s self-driving technologies in future Toyota vehicles. In 2021, they will start a pilot programme.

ADAS systems being tested

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The  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the US tested the driver assistance systems in several luxury cars from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Volvo, with the goal of developing a rating system in the future.

SAVE at Van Amersfoort Racing

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Yesterday, SAVE visited Van Amersfoort Racing for a Factory Tour in Zeewolde! We would like to thank VAR for this opportunity!

YER: Your ambition, our challenge

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YER is an international recruitment agency specialised in permanent and temporary positions for professionals with a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree. We currently have ten branch offices in the Netherlands as well as locations in … Read More


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Yesterday the board of SAVE went to The Hague to subscribe the association at the chamber of commerce (KvK). We are very proud to announce that since yesterday, after more than a year of hard … Read More