Mechanica AI – Jane Zavalishina

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Transforming Industrial Production with AI: lessons learned

In this talk, Jane Zavalishina will show the magical things happening at the intersection of conservative, equipment-heavy industrial production and innovative data-driven solutions. Based on practical examples of data-driven and AI-powered applications across the industries, from food production to mining and from fashion to petrochemicals, Jane will show how AI leads to a global transformation of the whole industrial production, bringing it to the next level of efficiency and sustainability.

The largest sector of the world economy is just starting its digital transformation journey, which makes it one of the most exciting things happening right now. However, for a startup, it is always a challenge to make the giants of the industry listen to you and give it a try. How do you show the value of your product, overcome the initial resistance of the “old guard”, prove the real economic value of the implemented solution to executives, and finally – make the world aware of your success? Jane will discuss the challenges and lessons learned while bringing a young startup into this exciting but very conservative industry.

Jane Zavalishina is President and Co-founder of Mechanica AI, which provides AI based solutions for the industrial sector. She was named as Inspiring Leader in Silicon Republic’s Top 40 Women. Moreover, she is one of the top fifty most inspirational women in technology in the Netherlands by Inspiring Fifty. During her career her focus has been the application of innovative technologies to transform traditional businesses and create new businesses.
Jane is a frequent speaker at various events in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. She also is a mentor in Rockstart AI Accelerator. One expertise of her is to transform traditional businesses and create new businesses by applying innovative technologies, such as AI. This is what she will be talking about during the lecture about AI in business.

Mechanica AI provides a suite of AI-powered products, that help industrial companies leverage accumulated data assets to improve yield and maximize margins.