23-02-18: Kenda Tires Lecture

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SAVE brings you the first event of this calendar year – a lecture from the industry to vehicle enthusiasts, followed by drinks in Het Lagerhuysch!

The presentation will be given by Mr. Frits van der Steege who handles the operations in Europe for Kenda Tires, one of the world’s fastest growing tire manufacterers.
Kenda Tires is currently expanding it’s European operations. A good opportunity to invite them at TU Delft to hear the ins and outs when it comes to tire design!

Free drinks will be provided after the presentation, after which you can have a chat with Mr. Van der Steege.
Location of the event will be Lecture Hall Emile Truijen at the 3mE Faculty (Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD Delft) Hungry? Pizza can be ordered for 5 euro.

In short: the best way to start your weekend.
You are all invited! See you there!


This event is open to all students, PhDs, professors and other staff.
Note that that a limited amount of free drinks is available after the presentation. Registration is not compulsory, but be sure to have a seat and register yourself by filling the form (https://goo.gl/forms/NFYxSbgxnPdiRoLB3) as soon as possible.


Kenda Tires is developing at a high pace. Their ambition is to be in the top 10 of tire manufacterers soon! Kenda tire started as a tire manufacturer in 1962 with its factory set up in Taiwan. The company excels in manufacturing tires for a range of vehicles like bicycles, motorcycles, trailers, and ofcourse all sorts of automobiles. With its recent establishment in Europe, Kenda has its branches across three continents – Aisa, Europe, and North America. T
More info can be found on their website : http://automotive.kendatire.com/en-eu/