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HIL Testing BEV Battery

Development of Simulation/HIL testing procedures for BEV batteries

Assignment description

Digital preparation and testing of proposed battery design prototypes enables risk reduction and demonstrates whether or not certain designs are viable in an early stage. This allows for rapid prototyping loops, speeding up the decision-making process whilst being a low-cost alternative to full scale prototypes. Therefore a graduation internship is proposed in which a model is made for performing life cycle analysis on HD BEV batteries.

This project encompasses:

  • Literature review on Battery Thermal and Electrical behavior.
  • Literature review on Battery deterioration based on, Load cycle, Temperature and other factors.
  • Design a Simulink model for testing battery wear for single cell systems.
  • Design a Simulink test model for HD-BEV Battery testing, taking into account environmental circumstances as well as charge/discharge rated. The final goal is to make an adequate prediction whether a certain battery design will outperform others.
  • Preparation for Possible combination with Electric drive module tester
  • Perform a sensitivity analysis to determine key product variables.
  • HIL Testing procedure for replacing digital battery model with real prototype.
  • Design and build a HIL Comparison bench, for simultaneous digital and real life battery testing. Based on triggering a digital electronic load.

Available for 6-12 months.


DAF Trucks is the 2nd largest truck and largest tractor manufacturer in Europe. To reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet and to comply with future EU legislation it is necessary for DAF to develop Hybrid-Electric and Battery-Electric vehicles. The DAF Engine Plant currently manufactures engines for the Eindhoven and Leyland production of DAF trucks, furthermore the Engine plant provides powertrain components for other PACCAR locations worldwide. To maintain the strong competitive position, the DAF Engine plant focuses on  development and production of innovative powertrain components for future LF Electric and CF Hybrid and Battery Electric Trucks, such as the Battery Pack and Electric Drive Module.

Student profile

  • Enthusiastic master student Mechanical, Automotive or Electrical Engineering;
  • Matlab/Simulink knowledge is necessary;
  • Strong interest in electrification of vehicles
  • Work highly independent
  • Meticulous in reporting

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