Drive cycle development BEV

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Drive cycle development BEV

Analysis and transformation of current Diesel truck drive cycles to BEV cycles

Assignment description

Full size prototypes of battery packs are performance critical and are ideally only released for production after extensive testing. In order to ensure that small size tests represent the load on the full size system, it is necessary to implement a system by which enables full size drive cycles to be scaled down. This downscaling allows for cost efficient testing procedures on battery systems as well as fast iterations of battery designs on an electrical as well as thermal level.

This project encompasses:

  • Literature review on Medium and Heavy Duty Drive cycles.
  • Literature review on Battery types and Battery testing.
  • Define 4 Drive cycles, MD/HD Europe and MD/HD Northern America, which represent the driving circumstances in these areas best.
  • Define 4 Environmental circumstances (summer ,fall ,winter ,spring or equivalent per drive cycle) under which these drive cycles are likely to take place.
  • Define and create a Simulink Model for transforming required (Permanent magnet 3 Phase AC) motor torques to battery testing powers, which corresponds to the given relevant battery size (any size).
  • Output in relevant formats, ASCII, CSV, etc..
  • Validation of scaled drive cycles w.r.t. battery sizes (is the scaled drive cycle loading a different amount of cells in different configurations equally).
  • Reporting the work you perform

Available for 6-12 months.


DAF Trucks is the 2nd largest truck and largest tractor manufacturer in Europe. To reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet and to comply with future EU legislation it is necessary for DAF to develop Hybrid-Electric and Battery-Electric vehicles. The DAF Engine Factory currently manufactures engines for the Eindhoven and Leyland production of DAF trucks, furthermore the Engine factory provides powertrain components for other PACCAR locations worldwide. To maintain the strong competitive position, the DAF Engine factory focuses on development and production of innovative powertrain components for future LF Electric and CF Hybrid and Battery Electric Trucks, such as the Battery Pack and Electric Drive Module.

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Enthusiastic master student Mechanical, Automotive or Electrical Engineering.

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