Is 2020 the year of the electric car?

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Byton’s M-Byte

The new decade seems to begin with the boost of the electric vehicle industry. Byton announced that their M-byte electric car will enter mass production this year. Its dashboard will be a 48-inch touchscreen and it will be able to connect to 5G high-speed networks. There is also a camera faced at the driver that is used for monitoring, in case the driver needs to take over from the autonomous driving mode.

Sony’s Vision-S source

Besides Byton, Sony also came with a concept car. The Vision-S is a concept to show what ideas Sony has for future cars. It also contains a massive touchscreen dashboard on which one can access all of the car’s media controls. Further, the car contains more than 10 Sony image sensors, LIDARs, radars and ultrasonic sensors. All to ensure that the vehicle will be fully aware of its environment.

But these electric cars are not the only ones that we can expect this year. Read this to see what other electric cars will be launched this year.