SAVE has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about topics such as the courses, master thesis, internships, graduation and future job prospects for your convenience.


  • Is there a minimum amount of courses that has to completed each year? 

For international students the minimum 30 ECTS each year, which is half of the amount in the programme. For Dutch students, there is no minimum. 

  • How many times can an exam be taken?

There are two opportunities every year, but these can be used every year during the master.

  • How many hours of study are required per week?

To follow the study programme, 42 hours of study per week are recommended.

  • How much freedom is there in selecting the courses? Can it be from other departments?

Courses can be selected from any department and also any university, but it has to be related to the master track. The master track coordinator will have to approve the selected courses.

    • Can the initially selected courses be changed during the master?

    Yes, it can be done at any given moment during the by filling out this form.

    • When should the selected courses be submitted?

    It is requested to submit the selected courses in the first month of the academic year. However, since the selection can always be adjusted it does not need to be a definitive selection.


      • Is it required to do an internship as part of the master programme?

      For the track Vehicle Engineering it is not mandatory. It is an optional part of 15 ECTS in the second year programme, which can also be used for literature study.

      • How can an suitable internship be found?

      Internships can be found either through the master track coordinator, our website or other vacancy and company websites. The intership will have to be applied through this form and should be approved by the track coordinator or thesis supervisor.

      • Is it possible to do an internship abroad? 

      Yes it is generally possible, the international office can offer help during this process.

      • Can a thesis be combined with an internship? What benefits are there?

      Yes it is possible, knowledge of the topic and the company will be beneficial during the thesis.


      • When is it possible to start the thesis? Should all courses be completed?

      A minimum of 53 ECTS should be obtained before the thesis can be started. A request for an exception can be made through the track coordinator if certain course grades are pending.

      • How is a thesis supervisor selected? How many supervisors are required to execute the thesis?

      Contact the master track coordinator or head of your specialisation to find a supervisor.  The supervisor should be a professor, assistant professor or associate professor at the TUDelft. When the thesis is done at a company, one more supervisor has to be selected who meets the mentioned condition.

      • What is the deadline for finding a thesis topic? 

      There is no particular deadline, but it is recommended to start as soon as possible that certain required courses on the topic can be taken.

      • What is literature study or review?

      It is research on the state of the art of the selected thesis topic and related previous publications.

        • Is there a time limit to the duration of the thesis?

        The minimum is 6 months and the maximum is 2 years.

        • Can a thesis topic be adjusted later on in the process?

        Yes, it can be done when the change of topic is approved by the supervisor.


        • When is possible to graduate?

        At the moment that all the selected courses and the thesis are completed.

        • How to apply for graduation?

        It can be done by filling out this form. This should be done at least 20 working days prior to the final thesis presentation!


        • How are the career prospects after graduating from Vehicle Engineering?

        Since the TU Delft is regarded as an institution that educates engineers of high quality, national and international are positive. So far it has appeared that 75% of the graduated Vehicle Engineering students finds a job within 2 months.

        • Is it useful to improve your grades by taking re-sit examinations?

          Some companies will look at the grades, so if you wish to do so and time is not a restriction it can be helpful.

        • Is it necessary to learn Dutch for finding a job? 

        Not necessarily. It is a good initiative but most companies give time to learn dutch once you have started working.


        Want to know more?

        If you have any other questions or doubts regarding the course or other general information, feel free to contact our education officer using our contact form.