First renders of the Mclaren F1 successor: the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

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The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

The first render of the spiritual successor to the legendary Mclaren F1 has surfaced. The car is codenamed the T.50 and is being designed by the equally legendary designer Gordon Murray. The T.50 is a special car in many different ways. First of all, we live in a time where car engines are being downsized all the time due to increasing emission standards. The T.50 however, will use a 3.9-liter naturally aspirated Cosworth V-12 engine producing 650 hp and with a redline of 12100 rpm. That is the definition of a spectacular drivetrain. This drivetrain, combined with an expected kerb weight of under 1000kg, is a recipe for greatness.


The second aspect that makes the car special is the fact that it will use a fan to improve aerodynamics of the vehicle. This technology is derived from the well-known Brabham BT46B F1 car, known as the ‘Fan Car’, which was also designed under Murray’s supervision. The fan will have six modes in order to provide different aerodynamic settings to accommodate optimal driving under all conditions; think about settings for improved braking performance, drag reduction, increased downforce etc.

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