Direct EV charging with solar power

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TU Delft has developed a quick charger to boost the batteries of an electric car directly by solar panels.

The system consists of a transformer integrated in a charging station with solar panels. By directly charging the vehicles with direct current solar power, converting the power into 50 Hz alternating current is not required any more. Skipping the extra conversion increases efficiency and saves costs and electricity.
The charger is bi-directional and can realize four different power flows: PV -> EV, EV -> grid, grid -> EV and PV -> grid: meaning that it can also supply power to the grid when required, from both the solar panels and the vehicle.

By applying a smart charging algorithm, the costs for charging the vehicle and overall net connection costs can be minimised. This has been tested in two case studies for the Netherlands and Texas, where the proposed algorithms reduced the net costs by up to 427% and 651%, respectively, compared to average rate charging.