Cybertruck not your taste? Try the T-ONE!

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The new Tesla Cybertruck has made a lot of headlines this month, creating a lot of polarization in the vehicle-enthousiast community, with a lot of people absolutely loving the bold design statement, and many others calling it the ugliest car ever made. Whatever your opinion, you have to admit that it directed a lot of attention to the pick-up market. This definitely offers opportunities for competitors. One of these competitors is the Neuron EV company, which also comes from the States. Like Tesla, they are working on an electric pick-up in the shape of the T-ONE, which has just been shown for the first time at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai.

The T-One is definitely not one of your standard pick-up models, but the Neuron design is not as extreme as the Cyber truck. Yet this T-ONE would also not fall out of tune in a blade-runner movie. What makes this car interesting is that the platform is modular, so there is much more to it than just a pick-up. Neuron demonstrates this on the basis of a whole series of variants, from a passenger bus to a real dump truck. All versions share the same basic elements.

The interior also comes in various forms. For example, in addition to a traditional cabin, Neuron shows a variant in which the passengers are seated behind the centrally placed driver, an arrangement similar to that of the McLaren F1. There are also no buttons in the interior, everything must be done via screens.

The company has not yet given out details about the powertrain, so it remains to be seen whether the car can live up to the performance of the Cybertruck. That will be a difficult task, because whatever you think about the design of the Cybertruck, the figures (0-100 in 2.6 sec) are impressive. Neuron has not yet made any statements about the fragility of the windows.