Bloodhound desert spec car revealed

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From the Bloodhound LSR YouTube

Building the fastest vehicle on land, that is what the Bloodhound LSR team is currently testing. This team is using the best engineers from racing and aerospace. They use cutting edge technology and absolute precision to develop their current vehicle.  Currently, the vehicle is in its first stage and will drive with speeds upward of 400 mph (643 km/h) to gain key data. They will try to accomplish this with their prototype Eurojet EJ200 jet engine developed for the Eurofighter. It produces 135,000 horsepower and 9 tons of thrust and a has monopropellant rocket producing 4 tons of thrust. The tests are run in the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa, where a track has been cleared of 19 km (12 miles) long, 3.2km (2 miles) wide, by hand. The team is currently testing the land vehicle and it can be followed on YouTube, and because it’s 2019, most data will be visible too.

If the tests are successful, the second stage can be started. In the second stage, the jet engine will be accompanied by a hybrid rocket, which will increase the speed to break the 1000 mph (1609 km/h) barrier. This is planned for late 2020.

In this video, the driver explains the expected full build of the vehicle, the safety systems and much more.

Quick facts

  • The completed land vehicle will have three engines, the prototype Eurojet EJ200, the hybrid rocket and a Jaguar supercharged V-8, purely to run the auxiliary units.
  • The current driver is also the holder of the current land speed record, set in 1997.
  • The wheels are aluminium alloy discs of 95 kg and can resist a centrifugal force of 50.000g.
  • The total weight of the vehicle is 6,422 kg.
  • To slow down, the vehicle uses airbrakes and a parachute to slow down to 320 km/h (200 mph), resulting in a deceleration of 3g, before regular disc brakes take over.
  • One run lasts for approximately 2 minutes.