See Where Your Country Ranks in Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index!

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Autonomous vehicles might almost be ready to take over the road, but how ready are our countries? KPMG has constructed the yearly autonomous vehicles readiness index.
Once again, The Netherlands ranked #1. Notably, it is working with neighboring countries to launch huge platoons of driverless trucks to transport flowers on major “Tulip Corridor” routes from Amsterdam to Antwerp and Rotterdam to the Ruhr valley.
Singapore, a powerhouse of technological innovation, ranked #2. With a leading university, it has created a test town for driverless vehicles complete with traffic lights, bus stops, skyscrapers and a rain machine that recreates its stormy tropical weather.
Countries were assessed on 25 different measures within four pillars: policy & legislation; technology & innovation; infrastructure; and consumer acceptance.
Check out the report to see the full country rankings and learn more about AV progress in your country and around the world on