SAVE IV Welcomes you!

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Hereby we present to you the new members of the SAVE board. These six people will be organizing events, improving education, and linking the students to the industry in the coming year. SAVE is the … Read More

Feedback Lunch Q1 courses

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With the courses coming to an end, it is time for an evaluation. Do you have ideas on how to improve the courses? Any tips for the professors? We would like to hear from you! … Read More

Bloodhound desert spec car revealed

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Building the fastest vehicle on land, that is what the Bloodhound LSR team is currently testing. This team is using the best engineers from racing and aerospace. They use cutting edge technology and absolute precision … Read More

SAVE In the UK

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The UK Business Tour In the first week of September 2019, we, eighteen Vehicle Engineering students, went on the UK Business Tour. We went through the Eurotunnel to enter the land of the Beatles, Fish … Read More

Porsche’s electric revolution

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Most of the vehicle engineering students would probably have seen the all new full-electric Porsche Taycan by now. Porsche has launched this four-door sports saloon in the beginning of September with the top of the … Read More