Student Association Vehicle Engineering SAVE is the TU Delft student association for mechanical engineering master students in the vehicle engineering programme. We are dedicated to connect students, the university and the industry.


Students form our association. Together, we try to inspire, educate and activate students. Assisting them to get the most out of their vehicle engineering studies at TU Delft and their future career.
The association is run by the input and participation of master's students following the vehicle engineering track, supervised by a student board.


We are based at the Delft University of Technology, on of the world's leading technical universities. The widely used "Magic Formula" Pacejka Tire models were once developed here. Currently, the university's Cognitive Robotics department is developing future mobility. See also the Intelligent Vehicles Reasearch Group, the Robotics Institute and the Researchlab Automated Driving Delft.


In order to develop the future mobility, coorportation between the university and the automotive business is of great importance. The industry provides practical knowledge to apply academic research. By participating in our events, and by providing internships and graduation assignments, firms get in contact with highly skilled students that are eager to kickstart their career in an automotive enterprise.

What we do

In order to connect students, the university and the industry, we engage in a wide range of activities. These efforts are separated into the following three categories:

Provides information
Important news in the automotive world, announcements from the university, interesting opportunities from the industry, or questions from the students are communicated with and between all relavant parties, both online and offline through our network.

Collects educational feedback
TU Delft is comitted to high-quality education. In addition to the faculty's educational quality assurance, we collect qualitative feedback regarding specific courses and the coherency between them. This feedback is communicated directly from the students to the teachers and professors, ensuring effectivity.

Organises activities and events
SAVE regularly organises activities with the goal to inspire, educate or activate the participants. Examples are social events, company lectures or site visits. These can be open to a selective group of vehicle engineering students, or to all interested people at the university and beyond.

For students
By Students


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Want to join our next event?

SAVE is committed to its goals of connecting students with the university and industry by organising in-depth course feedback, great events and extra-curricular activities. On our journey to achieving these goals, we are always open for motivated people or inspiring companies that are interested in collaborating with us.