25-05-2018 Master Drinks

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The next edition of Master Friday is already around the corner. Come over and chill out with a game of beer pong or football. We will assure you the doors will be open so the sun will go in.

This event is open to all 3mE master students, opening the opportunity to talk to your fellow students and expand your network further. Have a drink, relax, and start your weekend nicely. Soft drinks and beer are available at competitive prices. Additionally, a selection of special beers has been arranged. See you there!

Besides the normal tap beer Grolsch, we have a selection of nice draft beers such as Delirium and Duvel.
And as always it is possible to order pizza or some little nice snacks.

Location: Het Lagerhuysch at 3mE.
Organised by Het Lagerhuysch.
Date: 25-05-2018 from 17:00 h to 21:00 h

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