10-04-18: Seminar Prof. Marco Dozza – SAFER Chalmers

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Professor Marco Dozza from the SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers will be visiting TU Delft!

On the 10th of April, the professor will give a seminar about the renowned research institute from the Chalmers University of Technology. SAFER is on a bold journey towards zero accidents in traffic. This will be achieved by open, collaborative research projects where traffic safety is key for the creation of safe, sustainable, connected and automated traffic systems.

Research on crash analysis and prevention at Chalmers University of Technology

In this talk, Marco will present the research area Crash Analysis and Prevention at Chalmers, which includes three groups: the Road-User/Vehicle Interaction, Safety Evaluation, and Infrastructure/Vehicle Interaction. The talk will focus on some of the latest results about road-user modelling, human factors in automated driving, and counterfactual analysis for safety benefit estimation. A showcase of current ongoing projects will serve as a way to highlight current trends and expected future results within research on crash analysis and prevention at Chalmers.

SAFER – Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers University of Technology. SAFER is a collaborative research centre for vehicle and traffic safety, with some 30 partners from Academy, Industry and Society.

More information can be found on their website https://www.saferresearch.com/

Location: Lecture hall F at CITG (Building 23, Stevinweg 1, 2628 CN Delft)
Time: 12:00-13:30

You are cordially invited to join. As space is limited, please indicate wheter you plan to come here.

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