SAVE is the TU Delft student association for mechanical engineering master students following the vehicle engineering programme.
We are dedicated to connect students, the university, and the industry.


SAVE in your agenda.

We regularly organize interesting events, lectures or company visits. Interested in what is coming up next? We will keep you up to date here.

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I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.

Ferdinand Porsche

What we do

Social activities

We regularly organise social activities that bring students, professors and other staff members together, as an addition to the formal contact moments. This provides the opportunity to meet up with each other, to share our enthusiasm and to discuss relevant matters.

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Guest lectures

In addition to the social activities, more vehicle-related exciting events are organised throughout the year. Reputable companies and visiting professors are invited to come present relevant topics and new areas of research, to provide inspiration and a new vision as food for thought.

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Study Tour

Through collaboration with the industry, a yearly tour is organised, providing a sneak peek into the world outside of the Delft university: Applications of theory in international industries, at manufacturers and research in other universities and labs throughout the world.

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Academic Education

High-quality academic education is very important to us, as it helps us to excel at what we do. Therefore, SAVE aims to provide a link between the students and the university by collecting feedback and providing it to the university through participation in meetings with the board of studies.

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Interested in getting involved?

SAVE is committed to its goals of connecting students with the university and industry while improving the quality of academic education. We do this by organising in-depth course feedback, great events and extra-curricular activities. On our journey to achieving these goals, we are always open for motivated people or inspiring companies that are interested in collaborating with us.